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fabrics and craftsmanship

From a doodle on a page to a professionally finished garment, I bring my designs to life! There are many steps in between, including making and sizing patterns that fit, choosing appropriate fabric, color and texture, and the balance of it all. I use wonderful, natural fabrics that look and feel great. Each piece is individually made and can be customized as need be.

unique designs and colorways

My designs are geometrically oriented. I love asymmetry and color that is balanced. From subtle (not boring) to bright and bold and everything in between, color and its placement are very important. Any of my pieces can be worn day or night. Accessorize for many different occasions!

customer service

My designs are stylized, practical, and totally suited to modern dressing. I take many orders and do my best to make them perfect. I can customize them for you. If you need me, please call or leave your contact info and I will contact you. Phone is better for questions. Email takes me longer (no multitasking there!)

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